About the Farm

Nestled in a beautiful and peaceful farming area, our farm is just 800 meters from the E6 (main North-South road in Norway) and a half hour drive south from Trondheim, in the middle of the country. We have a wide range of farm animals, feed production and organic vegetables as well as a small bed & breakfast in quaint, old-fashioned bedrooms, which meets the standard of discerning guests. Simpler accommodation is also available for pilgrims, bicyclists, and backpackers. Day visits to the farm are also possible by appointment, for anyone interested in the history, in the farm itself or in pony riding for children.


Fogdegården Borten was the residency of the regional bailiff in 1813-1901. It has a rich and well-documented history from this time. It was state property, and the bailiff was responsible for collecting taxes and pressing charges on behalf of the state in what is today the two-thirds of the Sør Trøndelag region . The farm buildings and courtyard are representative for the architectural traditions of the large farms of the area at the end of the 1800s. The farm buildings are worthy of preservation because of their history, representative architecture, and original condition. We are carefully restoring them using traditional techniques. In 2008, and again in 2010, we were awarded government funds from The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund for this purpose.

Our Farm Today

The farm is relatively large by Norwegian standards, with 27 hectares (66 acres) of prime arable farm land, part organic. The farm is very actively run, with the main production being grain, hay, and silage. We also grow organic vegetables and have a wide range of animals: cows, pigs, ponies, sheep, rabbits, hens, quails, and a few cats. Farm produce is delivered to local organic stores, restaurants and customers. We host kindergarten field trips and farm holidays, and offer an approved riding school with six Shetland ponies. Children are welcome to attend riding classes, short trail rides, riding camp, and other events on the farm. For families and everyone else, we have various options for overnight accommodation: full bed & breakfast, simple facilities in one of the other historic houses, or tent camping.

Fogdegården Borten is owned and run by myself, Merete Støvring (born in 1962). I live on the farm with my two children, Vegard (2000) and Ingrid Thyra (2005). My educational and professional background is as a veterinarian and civil engineer, but in recent years, I’ve chosen farming for ideological reasons and because I like the lifestyle and being self-employed.

Tending the farm is a lot of work, and I’m very glad for any help offered. The farm has had working guests from many different countries. We accept volunteers of any age who are interested in a real farming experience, cultural exchange, helping with organic farming, gardening, restoration work, studying languages, history and so on.


Happiness is not necessarily about having a new sofa, kitchen interior, or more consumer goods, but about having meaningful days.  I believe that a farm is one such arena where you can experience fulfillment. Farming is a lot of work, but it has its good moments and rewards, also a sense of doing something worth while and being your own boss.  I’ve started farming in late years, and do it on an idealistic basis. I made a lot more money on my previous job where I was an employee. Now I bear all the risk and consequences myself, but the dreams and possibilities are also mine.