Location & Attractions

Trondheim and the farm are easily accessed by airplane (Trondheim Airport Vaernes), train from Oslo (there are railway stations 40 minutes away – Støren, Heimdal, Trondheim), or buses on the E6 (local bus route 7 Trondheim-Støren, or long distance NorWay express coaches or Lavprisekspressen). The E6 is the main road from Oslo to Trondheim, and further north to the arctic circle. To get to and from Trondheim there are almost hourly departures on the Trondheim-Støren bus route in to Trondheim. This bus departs from Trondheim Central station, and more frequently from Munkegata in Trondheim. The bus stop nearest the farm is just a five minute walk away, at Ler. The E39 from the west comes in to Trondheim at Klett, halfway between the farm and Trondheim. The “Hurtigruta” cruise ships sailing from Bergen to northern Norway stop in Trondheim.

foto © Bob Gantz

The surrounding woodland hills offer rich opportunities for hiking, skiing, swimming, wildlife viewing, and fishing. Many of these activities are just outside the farm doorstep. There is excellent salmon fishing in the river Gaula, which runs past a five minutes’ walk from the farm. Gaula is ranked as the second best river in Norway for sport fishing. An hour away are mountains, over 1500 meters above sea level, where the Norwegian Tourist Association offers marked trails and cabins for hikers. There are also destinations for various daytrips one to two hours from the farm: Stiklestad, Munkholmen, Budal, Forollhogna nasjonalpark, Røros, and Oppdal, to mention some.

At Ler, 5 minutes walk from the farm, there is a bus stop, a bank, and a grocery store. The pilgrim route through Østerdalen, going from Vadstena in Sweden to Trondheim, passes the farm 800 meters away and makes for nice day trips. Trondheim has many tourist attractions, a university (NTNU) and many events throughout the year [Trondheim online].

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